Janet Hartwell has been the Head of School at GFA since 2003.  Her office is off the front hall.  From her doorway, she can look across the courtyard at Upper School students walking into school each morning.  In the other direction, she can see Middle School students tossing a football or talking in small groups on the front lawn.  All day long, Lower Schoolers stream past her door on their way to the gym or cafeteria.  Faculty members duck into the lounge across the hall for a cup of coffee.  It’s a good vantage point for inspiring the occasional blog post about life at GFA.

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  1. theodora bergschneider says:

    i am thrilled to read janet’s commentary on many current issues. i have tremendous respect for her intellect and broad experience. as an avid reader i am thrilled to be kept abreast of what she is currently reading. i can report that i too am reading two of her current reads. so it is great to catch up with her in this manner. i look forward to following her blog in the future.

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