Sportsmanship is Paramount


For the fifth year in a row, the GFA boys varsity basketball team has made the New 31768130010_2d3581c86c_zEngland Final Four. Quite an accomplishment! As with all our GFA teams, each player brings great heart, skill, and teamwork to every game. Perhaps, however, the most important aspect of the team and of each player, no matter the sport, is sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship not only defines the character of an athlete, but defines how he/she plays the game. Learning how to be a good sport is also a life lesson in how to be a good citizen, espousing fairness, honesty, integrity, hard work, and respect for the other team — or other point of view.  These are the qualities that a sportsman should display not only during a game but also in life.

Athletics play an important role in the lives of our students, allowing them to discover and deal with both successes and failures. Athletic competition is one of life’s greatest teachers. Its lessons, along with the significant relationships developed through athletics, are truly lifelong gifts.

GFA’s athletic program is an essential part of the education of our students, fostering the development of character, life skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork.



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