School Year Starts with Unsung Heroes

Last week a GFA parent sent me a wonderful TED talk entitled Lunch Ladies are Heroes, given by Jarrett Krosoczka, a children’s book author. The talk celebrates lunch ladies across the nation, and the author has even created a series of graphic novels with lunch ladies as super heroes. I have often thought that at GFA, not only our lunch staff, but all staff, from our maintenance crew to our administrative assistants, are the unsung heroes of our school. This is true all year, but especially at the beginning of school, when GFA’s maintenance crew are working long hours getting the buildings and grounds ready for our students who arrive after Labor Day. The weeks before school are filled with deliveries of furniture, school supplies, bulletin boards, painting, cleaning, installing new lights, lining fields, mowing grass, and everything that goes into being ready for the opening of school.

IMG_1832Our Administrative Assistants have been in school all summer, making sure supplies are here, letters sent out, students are scheduled in the right classrooms, and generally getting ready for September. Throughout the year, GFA’s kitchen staff keep us fed. Like the lunch lady heroes in the TED talk, many of our kitchen staff know our students, know their food preferences, their allergies, and who might need a little extra on any given day. The chefs work with our faculty and the organic garden, serving vegetables and herbs from the garden and doing taste tests with our younger students encouraging them to try different foods and to be culinary pioneers.

Our faculty, of course, have worked hard over the summer preparing lessons, reviewing curricula, attending workshops and conferences, and daily we see their work and dedication in the classroom; but our staff are often in the wings, doing their work, looking out for the students – and being the unsung heroes of our school.

Welcome back to all.

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