September Rhythms

The paint is almost dry, the furniture is in place, fields are lined and ready for play, and now we just need the students. As the summer break comes to its inevitable close, and teachers and all who work in schools prepare for that first day, I realize yet again how inextricably bound I am to the rhythm of September as the beginning of a new year, and the excitement, anticipation and even apprehension that accompanies beginnings.

Our new Center for Global Studies is slick, user friendly, and ready to connect our students to classrooms around the globe; it also provides a space for global thesis students to meet and discuss their research, as well as give presentations to an audience. For many Upper School students this will be their classroom for international relations courses, history classes and the Modern Middle East elective.

Clubs such as Model UN can hold meetings and prepare for conferences in the new space, and I suspect that those interested in international films will also lay claim to time in this beautiful, elegant, and above all, very useful room. This is a high tech classroom that combines cutting edge technology with the more customary pedagogy for GFA classrooms of Harkness Table seminar discussions.

Many of us had grown accustomed to the piles of earth that periodically moved around the site of our new playing fields, but now there’s a beautiful expanse of green grass stretching almost as far as the eye can see. I can’t wait to see the excitement and even surprise on the faces of our students when they return and look across that lush vista and know that soon they will be chasing and passing balls, encouraging each other’s efforts and scoring winning goals on those fields. Pre- season is already in full swing and even though we still have a few days before school officially begins, I love having students back in my sights, being themselves, enjoying their sports and each other, and getting ready to take on another year. Bring on September!!

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