Standing Before a Panel

Standing in front of a panel of judges to present research gives students an experience of pride, accomplishment and nervousness all at the same time. One of the strengths of our Upper School program is that it allows older students to pursue an independent study in an area they are passionate about. They study with faculty who have deep expertise in a particular academic area and then present their work to the wider public.

Individual research is an area of increasing demand among our students. With the launching of the World Perspectives Program this year, several students are working on a thesis to be presented this spring. Topics include Water Access in India, and Fishery Depletion: Searching for Sustainable Solutions. Next year, when students can apply for the Diploma with a Concentration in Global Studies, many more will be taking on global research projects.

This winter, several seniors involved in our science research program have met with extraordinary success. In the Connecticut Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (CT-JSHS), two projects were deemed to be of such excellent quality that the two seniors who researched and authored them have been selected to give poster presentations at this year’s symposium in March. The work of another senior was of such outstanding quality that she was selected as one of fifteen to give an oral presentation on her work at the same March event.

Another student’s independent research paper, entitled The Effect of Relaxation and Music on the Informed Consent Process and Understanding Surgical Risk, has earned her Semifinalist status, and the chance to move on in the Intel Science Talent Search.

Nothing is more exciting than to have our students’ work recognized not only by our own faculty, but also by outside experts and to know that passion has been ignited.

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