Winter Traditions

Senior captains of GFA's basketball team and Senior members of the Community Service Board posing with the Head Coach of the Basketball team and the Athletic Director.

We’re back to school from the holiday break and very quickly buried in winter weather.  Unfortunately, one of our great traditions, the annual Denes Classic Basketball Match, where alumni, the senior class and faculty all get to play, was canceled because of snow. We can reschedule the senior vs. faculty game, but alas, have to wait until next year for the pleasure and fun of seeing our alumni on the court.

On the same weekend we had to cancel one beloved tradition, we were able to hold our first annual Pack the House Basketball Game fundraiser on Saturday. With 450 people literally packed onto the bleachers, we watched GFA’s boys varsity basketball team beat Brunswick for the second time this season. It was a great community and school event, with students from all three divisions, parents, alums, faculty and staff all cheering, stomping their feet and having a great time. The GFA band played the National Anthem and entertained during time-outs and half-time.

GFA’s community service board spearheaded the fundraising part of the evening and raised over $1,500 for this year’s charity, Partners in Health (PIH). Seeing our students support each other in so many different ways reinforced for me the very spirit and soul of GFA. Band members, community service students, athletes and friends pulled together to make this first annual Pack the House a success, and I suspect this is the beginning of a new GFA tradition.

Traditions are important in the life of any school, allowing for shared memories and events, rites and rituals that bring the community together. Often when our alumni return, they ask, “Do you still do…(name that tradition)?”  These events give continuity and a commonality of experience to all students from one generation to the next, and barring snow storms, give us warm moments to savor the pride we have in our school.

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