Benefits of the Performing Arts

I’ve been watching the daily construction of the amphitheater outside the senior hallway and seeing the excitement among our students and even the whole GFA community.  We also just had a spectacular Upper School production at the Westport Country Playhouse of The Man Who Came to Dinner.  I’m reminded how important and integral the role of the performing arts is in the overall educational experience for our students, and how the arts can provide lifelong opportunities for learning and fulfillment.

The arts expose all of us to the world beyond the immediate, opening up the realmof possibilities for our students by combining imagination with disciplined and focused learning.

More and more research supports the notion that involvement in the arts promotes not only the development of artistic skills, but also social, personal and intellectual growth among a wide variety of students, as well as significant changes in school culture.

Leadership, teamwork, creativity, confidence, intellectual and emotional engagement are all part of performing, and we will see examples of this in our Winter Concerts over the next two weeks with musicians from each division performing.   From traditional holiday songs to sophisticated and complex pieces of music, GFA students will show their talent and mastery. If you are part of the audience for one of these concerts, you’ll certainly enjoy the music, but can also be sure there are “intangibles” taking place behind the scenes.

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