Remembering Marge Cardillo, Colleague and Friend

For many of us faculty and students,   Marge was the first person we saw in the morning and often the last person we said good-bye to in the late afternoon.  Always smiling, always with a kind word and a laugh, Marge was the friend to whom we told our troubles, shared our joys, celebrated our successes and bemoaned our losses. Marge listened to each one of us, and held our many secrets and stories as if they were her own.

We all know that Marge loved animals, especially dogs, and was the friend and protector of most of the dogs in Fairfield so much so that many knew Marge as the Dog Whisperer of Fairfield County.  Marge always had a ready supply of dog biscuits in her desk and pictures of her dog friends on her screen saver. Marge’s desk also doubled as the weather station for GFA. She loved the cold, and once the hot, humid days of summer were over, and the first chill of fall in the air, Marge would say that finally good sleeping weather had arrived, and she was happy.

Perhaps of all of Marge’s very special and wonderful qualities, it was her sense of humor that best defined her. Humor can so often shorten the distance between people, and this was so true of Marge, in that she brought out the best in all of us through her humor, even when things were not going particularly well. She told us all stories of her family, her two sons, Mike and Andy, and she laughed with us and never at us. Marge had that unique gift of overlooking our shortcomings while laughing at her own.

The “Marge Club” was part of the lives of many GFA students over the past six years, but all students, faculty and members of the GFA community knew her for her kindness, humanity and humor. Marge will be missed, but she will not be forgotten.

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